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Jamu Australia was started with my passion to provide women in all shape and sizes perfectly fitting swimwear that makes them feel confident and liberated.  To do so I had a store in Brisbane back in 2005 and I was designing bespoke fashion swimwear.


And then came the day when everything changed.  A young customer called Kylie came to see me. She asked: “Can you design mastectomy swimwear?”


“Who is it for?” I asked.


“For me. I’ve had a mastectomy and I want to live life. I love surfing and I want to continue to surf but I don’t want to be seen in a grandma swimsuit on a surf board”.


Since then my passion took a turn largely due to personal contacts with women who’ve had a mastectomy like Kylie.  This passion was fueled by my knowledge of their needs, and my insights to their plights in finding mastectomy garments that are sassy and sophisticated.  That and grateful support and encouragements from customers, buyers, agents, the media, my team and above all, my husband drove me to restructure Jamu to simply specialize in mastectomy wear.


My ambition is to give those who survived the ordeal of breast cancer a range of sensuous mastectomy garments that give them back their sense of femininity.


Jamu was voted by the industry as Winner, UK Lingerie Award – Best Post Surgery Brand of the Year two years running in 2011 and 2012. I believe that this testifies that I have achieved my ambition.  The most rewarding recognition however is receiving complimentary emails on a regular basis from women who have enjoyed their sun and sea pursuits wearing my garments.

Welcome to the world of Jamu. From now on nothing can stop you from making a fashion statement and feeling confident.


Designer Director






Jamu Australia is very fortunate to have stores and on-line retailers who share the same passion of providing trendy and
perfectly fitting mastectomy wear. Click here to see if there is a store near you, should you prefer to buy locally.

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